Mobile Commerce Drove 2017 Back-To-School Sales

Mobile Commerce Drove 2017 Back-To-School Sales

According to research conducted by a marketing company NetElixir, this year’s back-to-school season just recently passed and mobile commerce made the grade. It contributed to a 3% increase in the overall e-commerce sales! They also stated that mobile orders went up by 44% and revenue was up by 65%. They also saw a 13% increase in the mobile average order value (AOV), which only indicates that customers are more into using a mobile device for pricier items.

Desktop usage and sales definitely slowly being taken over by mobile commerce. There was a 3 % drop in desktop orders and revenue only increased by 2%. Studies also found that the average order value for desktop purchases only increased by 4%.

According to data which was collected and analysed specially for the back-to-school season, the desktops average order value increased only by $5 from $127 in 2016 to $132 in 2017. While, mobile commerce’s average order value increased by $13 from $96 in 2016 to $109 in 2017.

The spend on mobile only continues to increase and accelerate every year. We can say with confidence that mobile commerce sales percentage will only keep on increasing in the years to come according to the CEO of NetElixir.

It is a great opportunity for ALL retailers to be prepared to convert their websites into mobile friendly ones. As you can see from the increase of mobile commerce sales, people are getting more and more comfortable with purchasing off their mobile devices. For retailers who do not wish to make their site mobile friendly, you guys are missing out! Udayan Bose also said “The good news is that the gap between average order value on desktop and mobile is decreasing. Historically, this gap has been about 30%-35%. With our back-to-school data, we see this gap coming down to under 15%, which means that the trend to spend less on mobile is waning.”

Research has also showed that people do not only purchase on mobile solely for last minute purposes, like they have in the past years. Data shows this year, there was one major spike in the purchasing activity from July 31st to August 2nd. The percentage of mobile sales this back-to-school season was constant.

This article was originally written by Chain Store Age by Deena M. Amato-McCoy on the 14th September 2017